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Kitchen Tech 2018

Kitchen Tech 2018

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Best Gadgets for Home Cooks – Kitchen Tech 2018

Like it has everywhere else, “smart” technology has infiltrated the kitchen, but in a way that will only make what you create taste sweeter. These gadgets will help novice and experienced cooks boost their skills, help coffee addicts find that perfect cup, and help beer makers brew the best batch ever.

Smart Kitchen News

  • Illy’s new Y5 Espresso and Coffee Machine ($299) has Amazon’s Dash Replenishment system built in, so it can automatically order you new coffee pods when it senses you’re running out. A companion app (Android and iOS) also lets you customize your brews and schedule when the machine makes coffee.
  • You’ll soon be able to control major appliances using Alexa. Amazon announced that it will be adding cooking capabilities into its Smart Home API, so that you’ll be able to say such things as “Alexa, microwave for 50 seconds on high.” However, this technology also has to be built into the connected appliances too; Whirlpool has already created a skill for its connected microwaves, and GE, Kenmore, LG, and Samsung are working on integrating Alexa, too.


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