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Bacon And Cheese Stuffed Boxty

Bacon And Cheese Stuffed Boxty

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Bacon And Cheese Stuffed Boxty?

Bacon And Cheese Stuffed Boxty


300g Raw potato (grated)
300g Cooked mashed potato (perfect use of leftovers)
250g Flour
20g Melted butter (about 2 tbsp)
Some grated cheddar
A few slices of cooked bacon (chopped)
Soured cream
Chopped scallions (spring onions)
Butter (for frying)

1. Peel and grate the raw potato, then wrap in a clean towel and squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can.
2. Put the grated potato into a large bowl and stir in the cooked mashed potato and the flour.
3. Stir in the melted butter and season if necessary.
4. Add a bit of milk and stir, then add a bit more milk – keeping doing this until all of the milk is combined into the mixture and you have a somewhat sticky dough, if it’s too wet add a bit more flour.
5. Dust your hands a work surface in flour and grab a palm sized amount of the mixture, flattening it out to about 1cm thick.
6. spoon some grated cheese and some bacon bits into the centre and drop another flattened out dough mixture piece on top.
7. Cut into a nice round shape using a cookie cutter making sure it’s fully sealed.
8. Fry in butter over a medium heat for about 4-6 minutes on each side until golden brown.
9. Serve topped with a tablespoon of soured cream and a few bits of spring onion.

NOTE: Try not to make these too thick or they might not cook all the way through, if they are thick, lower the temperature to a low-medium heat instead.

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